Kate KennellyHey, y’all, I’m Kate. I believe healing is an integral part of life. Those of us with health challenges find ourselves under- or misrepresented in fiction. During my own journey with chronic illness (migraines, fibromyalgia, endometriosis, postpartum everything), I’ve listened to the stories of so many people. People living in severe pain, but their physicians dismissed the pain and didn’t treat it. People struggling to get their brain drugs balanced so they just so they can function. People, as Jonathan Larson said in RENT, living with but not dying from disease.

But so often, especially in fantasy fiction, we don’t exist. Warriors in fantasy novels get severely wounded and a Healer comes along with Just The Right Potion and boom, the Warrior is on the battlefield the next day. I wanted to see a fantasy world where Healers had to work to solve their problems. Where magic ex Machina doesn’t save the day and people experience chronic illness and injuries.

After all, I began writing when one of my own healers asked me “When are you not in pain?” I answered, “When I do creative things.” I challenged myself to sit down and write something – anything – for the therapeutic value. Thirteen chapters later, not only was I writing, but I was reading books on writing, watching YouTube videos, learning all I could to try and craft a good story.

In my free time, I love to Irish dance, play fiddle, do yoga, meditate and play World of Warcraft with my book club friends. I live in Maryland with my husband, two daughters and two rescue dogs.