If Princess Charlotte’s mission succeeds, she won’t have to kill her parents.

The depths of her parents’ corruption finally exposed, it’s up to Charlotte and her allies to stop them. But when the mission goes awry, she finds herself imprisoned. Worse, her best friends are in mortal danger.

Can Charlotte save her friends and her country?

Sorcery of Madness is a YA fantasy romance serial. If you like strong heroines, unique magical worlds, and staying up late to find out what happens, then you’ll love Sorcery of Madness by Kate Kennelly. Dive in now!

Book cover: Sorcery of Madness Episode 1: Hunted
Episode 1: Hunted
Episode 4: Attempt
Episode 2: Unexpected
Episode 5: Truth
Episode 3: Aftermath

After Episode 5, Sorcery of Madness is on hiatus while I focus on my day job in healthcare (yay 2020!) Join my mailing list for further updates and goodies in the meantime!